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Owen Cherry Halloween Costume
Plate of Shrimp


We are time travelers.

We travel through time and witness its constant state of change.
As we hurl along its axis,
We perceive our passing existence
Much as a passenger in a vehicle perceives changing scenery...
Hurling forward from now to now (now now now now…)
Unable, or unwilling?, to change our course

And yet
We have only learned to look backwards
Through the rear window we call memory...
Watching as points further in our past fade
And eventually disappear
Over the horizon of our mind

But if the road ahead is there
Then has the future already happened?
Or is “happened” a word that is in fact irrelevant.
Is the future simply “there” waiting for our arrival?

Is our arrival at the future even inevitable?
Must we obey the one way signs on the road we call
The passage of time?
Are we drops of water in a tsunami being propelled forward to the shore of our own demise
Or can we change our course?
Could it be that we are on different courses
Intersecting at this point we call “now”
As we pass on our own journeys through the space-time continuum?

Monolith bodysurfer
Evolving, revolving
On the outside of the elastic band holding the universal fabric of time


from Hobo Space Commander: Act II, released February 25, 2016
Co-piloted Frank Seglenieks.


tags: rock Kitchener


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Bjorn Borg Collective Kitchener, Ontario

wood rackets vs. futuristic alloys.
long-haired individualism vs. bald collectivism.
heroic performance vs. computable models.
fuzzy bouncy balls vs. metallic cubes of destruction.
innovative technique vs. assimilated technology.
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